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Botw Traveler’s Sword

The Botw Traveler’s Sword in Zelda

The botw traveler’s sword is one of the first weapons Link acquires in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, it’s an extremely low level weapon with limited damage and durability, making it hard to justify its purchase at the beginning of the game.

Nebb requires this weapon for his side quest “The Weapon Connoisseur”. To complete it, Link must collect a Traveler’s Sword from various locations and show it to Nebb in exchange for a Red Rupee. Doing so allows Link to keep the sword after completing the quest, enabling him to continue using it throughout his adventure.

In Hyrule, there are a multitude of weapons to be found. Each has its own unique qualities and can be utilized for an array of tasks.

Traveler’s Sword is a low-level weapon that can be found in various places. This one-handed sword has base power of 5 and durability of 20. Generally, this weapon can be found in Treasure Chests or carried by Bokoblins; however, it may also be acquired from enemies.

The Traveler’s Sword is a widely used weapon in Breath of the Wild, wielded by many NPCs and enemies such as Bokoblins and Stalkoblins. While not particularly powerful or durable, this sword can serve to acquire better, longer-lasting weapons later in the game.

This sword can only be acquired by completing the Gerudo Scimitar Trial in the Wasteland region. This difficult challenge will help Link grow stronger as he battles against Skull Kid and Calamity Ganon.

In Breath of the Wild, players can find several other low-level weapons such as the Fire Rod (pictured above), Moblin Club, Duplex Bow, Frostspear, Windcleaver and Ancient Sword.

These weapons are common throughout Hyrule and can be retrieved from various locations like shrines, Bokoblin camps, and the Applean Forest. Some can be found in chests while others are dropped by certain enemies such as Fire Wizzrobes and Silver Lynels.

Some of the lower level weapons can be found in unexpected places, like a Fire Rod at a Bokoblin camp on the Great Plateau. You might also come across a Traveler’s Sword in Applean Forest south of Hyrule Castle.

This sword is a one-handed weapon with an attack power of 5 and durability of 20. It often appears in treasure chests or on enemies such as Bokoblins and Lizalfos.

Nebb is searching for eight weapons to complete his side quest “The Weapon Connoisseur”. To obtain these weapons, you must visit various areas in Hyrule and present them to him. After collecting all eight weapons, Nebb will reward you with a Diamond.