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Fortune Cookie Bracelet

Fortune Cookie Bracelet

If you love collectibles, you may be interested in fortune cookie bracelets. These charm bracelets are designed in the shape of a fortune cookie and come with a matching paper fortune and charm bracelet. These bracelets make great gifts for family and friends, and are a great way of spreading good fortune. The Lucky Fortune charm bracelet includes a matching paper fortune.

The Lucky Fortune charm bracelet is a new product from WowWee that contains a paper fortune and a lucky charm. This bracelet can be worn, traded or given as gifts. The charm is made from real gold. The bracelet is available in different colors and designs, and is available in many varieties.

The Fortune Cookie bracelet measures 8.5″ in diameter. It’s adjustable to fit most wrists. The charms can be removed and replaced easily. This bracelet has a message to share and can help you realize your dreams. If you’re lucky, you can even collect the bracelets!