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Hard Head Make A Soft Behind Meaning

A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind Meaning Explained

You may have heard the expression “A hard head makes for a soft back”, but do you really know what it means? This article is for you if so. Read on for an explanation of the lyrics and song’s meaning. Hopefully, you’ll feel better about yourself after reading these words. If not, you can always turn to your dictionary. In addition to its definition, the phrase “hard head makes a soft behind” has a wide variety of other meanings, as well.

A hard head makes a soft back

Black grandmothers used the old saying, “A hard head makes a soft back,” to warn their mischievous grandchildren. This phrase loosely means “hardheaded disobedient”. Usually, this means that you have to be disciplined, but sometimes you just need a good whack to make sure that you’re on the right track. Sadly, Umar Johnson hasn’t learned this lesson. He claims that everyone is jealous of him and he does not own up to his actions.

“A hard head makes a soft behind” has many synonyms in slang, including asshat, lolly, barzotto, nerf dick, and jelly bean. In addition, the Urban Thesaurus offers 1384 other words for “ass” and its variants. Here are the top five slang words for “a tough head makes a soft back.”

A hard head makes a soft back song

Southern Americans are the ones who coined the phrase “a hard head makes for a soft behind”. It refers to someone who doesn’t listen to reason or makes stupid decisions. Hard headed people are usually young and inexperienced and will often take a beating for silly mistakes. A hard head from New Orleans’ 7th Ward is also referred to as a “7th ward hard head.”