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Rumpl Travel Blanket

Rumpl Travel Blanket Review

No matter where life takes you, rumpl travel blankets make it easy to bring along extra warmth on any adventure or relaxing at home. Made with high-tech materials found in premium sleeping bags and puffy jackets, rumpl blankets are great additions when camping, hiking and other rugged activities are involved. In fact, some brands even offset all their carbon emissions through verified carbon offsets!

Since 2014, Rumpl has quickly become one of the leading brands in outdoor gear due to their innovative takes on traditional sleeping bag and puffy blanket technology. Their original puffy blankets have proven popular among both outdoors enthusiasts and everyday travelers, providing warmth, comfort, versatility and functionality – perfect for both camping trips or backpacking excursions alike! Their best-selling Original Puffy blanket can even withstand more rigorous outdoor adventures while their more premium NanoLoft and Down variants offer additional resiliency against outdoor conditions.

The Rumpl Nanoloft Travel Blanket is packed with an advanced synthetic alternative to down insulation developed specifically to meet the performance demands of experienced backpackers and campers. As such, its lightweight design provides better warmth-to-weight ratios than similar products; furthermore its stuff sack can fit within 6″x 14″, similar to what one would find with standard sleeping bags.

NanoLoft’s durability exceeds that of down, which degrades with repeated washing and use. Furthermore, this vegan-friendly and cruelty-free option will appeal to hikers and outdoor adventurers who care deeply about animal welfare.

Rumpl blankets feature an extensive variety of colors and designs to meet any wardrobe or aesthetic need. Their blankets draw inspiration from scenes you might encounter while traveling with one, such as Ocean Fade that captures deep blends of dark blue in the sea or National Park series showcasing views from Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or even more laid back options like Cosmic Soul which features tie-dye patterns reminiscent of The Grateful Dead.

Not only are the best rumpl blankets available in an array of colors, they often include useful accessories that add even greater versatility to their versatility. Cape Clip, while strong paracord corner loops make this blanket easy to wear hands-free and secure it to your rumpl down or attach it to a backpack. These blankets offer several other impressive features, such as being water resistant with ripstop construction that’s stain- and ripstop stain-resistance; their durable weather-proof outer shell; and soft interior made of recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles derived from recycled PET bottles. Popular designs of the Ocean Fade blanket and Joshua Tree State Park blanket, among many other landscape designs as well as popular sports teams or abstract artwork are featured among these unique blankets.