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TFG Research Can Help You Find Answers

Whether you are conducting a research project or just looking for information, tfg research can help you find the answers you need. TFG research can help you learn about topics such as aging, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and other conditions. It can also help you find treatments for these conditions.

Auke van Scheltinga

Having worked in operations, quality control, systems design and implementation, and more, Auke van Scheltinga has a wide range of experience. During his years in business, he has also worked at McKinsey & Co. and Andersen Consulting. He has helped launch a number of healthcare startups, and has a wide range of knowledge of the industry. He has also co-founded TFG Partners, a management consulting firm.

He earned his LLB in Civil Law from Leiden University. In addition, he has completed an MBA program at McKinsey. In addition to his professional experience, he has worked in systems design and implementation, and has been involved in the launch of healthcare startups. He has been a member of TFG Partners since its inception. Since his co-founding of TFG Partners, Auke has helped launch a number of startups in the healthcare industry.

Sarah Hofman-Graham

Whether you’re a business owner, a non-profit manager, or a student looking to learn more about the grant writing process, Sarah Hofman-Graham, TFG research is the person to speak with. She has spent five years working in institutional fundraising and development. During her time at TFG, she has managed to secure over $890 million in federal funding for her clients. In addition to her expertise in grant writing, she also brings expertise in climate change adaptation and environmental sustainability.

While Sarah Hofman-Graham isn’t the only new addition to TFG’s Washington DC office, she’s certainly one of the stars. She joins the company’s newly-minted Legislative and Policy Director, Chris Cummins, as well as a number of other new additions. Together, the team of experts can help you navigate the pitfalls of government relations.

Chris Cummins

Currently, Chris Cummins, tfg research is working as a Senior Consultant with The Ferguson Group (TFG), one of Washington’s leading lobbying firms. With nearly 40 years of experience representing local and federal government interests, The Ferguson Group is an effective, innovative advocate for clients. Using an integrated approach to federal policy, TFG has secured over $890 million in federal funding for clients since 2015.

A native of Florida, Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Florida International University, and a master’s degree in statistics from New York University. He has also worked in the medical device, aerospace, energy, and transportation industries. A former high school marching band member, he plays brass horns and drums. He also DJs for First Friday events and serves as a CBN Mentoring Circle Host.