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Horizon Zero Dawn Unlimited Fast Travel

Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West – How to Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel

Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West offers players an effective means of quickly moving between locations by fast-traveling between them. But how exactly does fast travel work, and can it unlock unlimited fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West? Luckily, we have answers for both these inquiries.

Horizon Zero Dawn players wishing to fast-travel must first come within 20m of a Campfire. These campfires can be found both inside settlements and out in nature and are marked as green icons on the World Map. Once Aloy is within this range, she can press R2 to fast-travel quickly towards it; but this trip only counts towards one trip; additional resources must be used in order to make multiple journeys back.

Fast Travel Packs require 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, and 10 Fatty Meat; none of which are difficult to obtain and all can be purchased from any merchant above Tier 2 in Meridian. In addition, a Golden Fast Travel Pack allows for unlimited fast-travel between Campfires in the game; just 30 Ridge-Wood logs and 3 Wild Meat can be combined into this special Pack that’s readily available throughout the world!

Unlocking and using this fast travel method is straightforward. Simply head into any merchant, scroll to the bottom of their resources list, and find the Golden Fast Travel Pack. It costs 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin, 10 Fatty Meat and 30 Ridge-Wood; all easily available throughout the world.

Once you have all these resources, head back to a Merchant above Tier 2. When there, scroll through your list of available resources until you come across a Golden Fast Travel Pack and purchase it – then each time you press R2 to fast travel, it will cost nothing!

Horizon Zero Dawn provides players with many ways to save time while making the experience more enjoyable, such as fast travel. Though the game encourages them to glide, zipwire and grapple their way across its map, there will always be times where fast travel would come in handy; though although sometimes fast-travel might feel like cheating – a little of this fast travel won’t hurt either!

Horizon Zero Dawn provides players with an option to forego foot travel and teleport on demand – without using up valuable resources in the process. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock, use, and make the most out of this helpful feature to enhance the gaming experience even further. Just keep in mind that exploring the world on foot as much as possible may yield even greater rewards!