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Toronto Research Chemicals

Toronto Research Chemicals

Toronto Research Chemicals was founded in 1982. They specialize in the production of complex organic small molecules for biomedical research. The company now serves a global client base. Currently, it manufactures more than 50 different organic molecules, and provides these to researchers in a variety of fields.

Toronto Research Chemicals can assist you with your search for analytical standards, natural product APIS, and pharmaceuticals. Their catalog contains more than 21,000 labelled, stable standards. Many of these chemicals are used for biochemical and pharmaceutical research. In addition to standard products, TRC stocks highly specialized products.

The TRC’s synthesis laboratories have extensive capabilities and support an entire project planning team consisting of PhD chemists. They have the expertise to design and execute optimal synthetic routes for known compounds. This is an important benefit for companies in the pharmaceutical industry. This team can work on a variety of projects, from large scale R&D to small-scale production.

Toronto Research Chemicals is a leader in research chemicals. The company recently introduced a new line ELISA kits that allow researchers to quantify more samples. Whether you’re a scientist, a researcher, or a biomedical professional, TRC has the right product for the job.