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People’s Savings Bank Urbana Ohio

People’s Savings Bank of Urbana, Illinois

The People’s Savings Bank of Urbana, Illinois has 2 branches and over 15 million dollars in assets. They have one of the largest deposit and loan pools in the state. While their location makes them a bit of a rarity, they are no strangers to local community involvement. For instance, they matched donations to the FEMA for victims of Hurricane Katrina. During the Great Recession, the bank offered a low interest rate loan for qualifying homebuyers. This was a worthy endeavor.

The company is also a certified community bank. As such, it has an impressive list of civic and charitable contributions. The most impressive feat is its ability to remain in business despite economic challenges in the region. If you’re looking for a new home or car loan, the people’s savings may be the lender for you. Among other perks, the bank offers free online banking and mobile banking. Some of their best attributes are their knowledgeable employees, friendly customer service and convenient location. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that the bank is only one of several banks in the area. Before you take a gander at their offerings, be sure to conduct a thorough research before you sign your name.