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Imac Travel Case

Buying an iMac Travel Case

Are You Traveling and Want to Bring Your iMac Along? Consider an Imac Travel Case

Tenba’s black Air Case with Wheels is designed to transport, ship and protect Apple 27″ iMac and iMac Pro models complete with standard keyboard, mouse and cables. It includes adjustable interior padding, foam block cradle holding your iMac in place and fold-down front flap with hard panel reinforcement; rubber feet with PVC protective layers on bottom protect it from surface liquids or rough conditions while being airline check-in approved – meeting check-in guidelines while strong enough to stand upon with its capacity of up to 400 pounds when empty.

Pawtec’s iMac protective case is constructed of durable neoprene on the outside to guard against dings and scratches, combined with smooth terry material on the inside for added comfort and convenience. Perfect for people who frequently carry their iMac around with them while needing a durable yet sturdy case that’s easily wipe-cleanable; its durable materials protect its backside while still leaving ports accessible, plus there’s even an inside pocket to hold an Apple magic keyboard – not to mention its easy installation/removal! Plus there’s also a one year warranty provided from Pawtec for peace of mind!