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Aluminium Can

In Pennsylvania, How Much Are Aluminium Cans Worth Per Pound?

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound

Metal Price Per Pound
Scrap Aluminum Cans $2.79
Scrap Aluminum Copper Radiators $4.00
Scrap Aluminum Siding $3.89
Scrap Aluminum Extrusion $2.07

How Much Do Aluminium Cans Sell For?

Each Can Is Worth Around 1.7 Cents, With Roughly Half An Ounce Of Aluminium, Each Can And 32 Cans Per Pound.

What Is The Cost Of Recycling An Aluminium Can?

Click on the Metal Prices Archive link to the right for historical aluminium can price indications, or see below for current price indicators. All recycling costs for aluminium cans are shown in pounds per tonne. Stay up to speed with the latest news, events, and promotional information by subscribing to our emails.

What Are The Current Al Cans Prices?

The scrap prices for AL Cans in the United States are more than two months old. The Date Range Choosing option is only accessible to those who have subscribed to Scrap Price access for the most up-to-date AL Cans prices. Now is the time to register!

What Is The Average Value Of An Aluminium Can?

At 81 cents a pound, an average aluminium can weighs about 14-15 grammes or.03 pounds and has a worth of roughly 2.4 cents. If you wish to utilize the price in the chart above, here’s how the math works: Aluminum cans are priced using the following formula: (number of cans) x.03 x (price in the chart above, 81 cents would be .81) I realize it’s disappointing.

In Ohio, How Much Can Aluminum Cost?

Price of Aluminum Cans Per Pound in Ohio. The price per pound is 40 cents, according to Ohio Computer Recycling. Berea Metals in Brook Park, Ohio, charged 35 cents per pound when I contacted. When I phoned CycleMET in Columbus, Ohio, they offered 38 cents per pound for under 100 pounds and 40 cents per pound for above 100 pounds.

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