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Ninmah Research Lab Code

How to Find a Ninmah Research Lab Code in Cradle of Echoes

You need to find a Ninmah Research Lab Code to get inside the secret lab. There are two ways to find the code. You can either go through a Datapoint in Latopolis or you can use a console that is located inside the Cradle of Echoes.

How to defeat Specters in Ninmah Research Lab

The first thing you should know about Specters in Ninmah Research Laboratory is how to defeat them. These enemies spawn after you download data from a database. They have multiple attacks. Once you kill them, you will be able to leave the room.

You can defeat Specters in the Ninmah Research Lab by using a combination of attacks. One of your best options is to use a Focus or Acid projectiles against their Nano Plate components. Another option is to target their Control Nexus, which is located on the back of a Specter. However, you will need to get to this Control Nexus in a safe way.

You can also use Precision Arrows to deal Tear damage to Specters. Another way to defeat Specters is to disable the Plasma Cannon on the Specter’s back. This will disable the Specter’s most powerful projectile attack. This will greatly help you in battle. Make sure you target the weak points in the Specter’s armor, and be prepared to dodge Specter attacks.

How to find a console in Ninmah Research Lab

In the Cradle of Echoes, you’ll need to find a console in the Ninmah Research Lab. The console is next to a couch near the room entrance. You can access the console by using a code found in a nearby Datapoint. The console will tell you how many containers are in storage. However, you shouldn’t use the wrong code because this will result in an empty container.

Located on the northern edge of the Ninmah Research Lab, the console is a short distance from Erend and Varl. After reading the console, the player will need to look for the Distress Signal Datapoint and enter the code to complete the objective.

How to defeat Specters in Cradle of Echoes

One of the most challenging enemies in Cradle of Echoes is the Specter. They are highly mobile combat drones with gold armor-like plates. Despite their ability to gravitationally reattach when torn, the Specter has a few weak points. While they are vulnerable to physical attack, they are weakened to Acid damage. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help you kill Specters in this game.

The first step in destroying Specters is to locate their weak points. Since they are weak to Plasma and Acid damage, the most effective strategy to defeat them is to remove their armour. Once you’ve defeated a Specter, the next step is to attack its weak points with weapons or acid. Once you’ve destroyed it, the Specter will return to the base.

Specters attack by striking with nano-tentacle swipes and top-mounted Pulse Cannons, but they only hit when firing. When attacking them, make sure you focus on the Control Nexus on their backs. While this is difficult to reach inside the facility, you can still target them outside.