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Traveler’s Sword Botw

Breath of the Wild Traveler’s Sword

Breath of the Wild offers many weapon types, each with their own special properties and effects. The Traveler’s Sword stands out among them all; not only can it be wielded like any other sword, but it also has an ability to throw fire on enemies – useful for melting ice, roasting food or burning spikey vines and dried leaves.

The Master Sword is one of the most unique weapons in the game. It’s incredibly strong and unbreakable, making it ideal for throwing magical beams at enemies when at full health. However, note that you can only obtain this weapon after levelling up and defeating Silver Lynels and White-Maned Lynels – two late game enemies.

Before you can obtain the Master Sword, you must first complete a side quest called “The Weapon Connoisseur.” This quest is given to you by Nebb in Hateno Village and requires showing him eight weapons. After completing it, Nebb will reward you with one Red Rupee per weapon shown.

Nebb can demonstrate his skills with these weapons:

A Fire Wizzrobe Club
These enemies are found in Central Hyrule near Gerudo Desert and wield a club that burns. If you use an Ice Arrow against them, they’ll die instantly from one hit. This club is also commonly carried by Moblins and can be looted from chests at Yah Rin Shrine and Kaya Wan Shrine.

Feathered Edge

A Rito weapon, this one-handed weapon is most often found near Tabantha Frontier but can also be looted from a chest in Rota Ooh Shrine. Not only does it burn spikey vines and dried leaves, but it has the power to melt ice and start campfires!

The Traveler’s Sword

This sword is a common and reliable weapon found in several locations throughout the game. One can be found inside a Treasure Chest in Bokoblin camp on the Great Plateau region, while another lies southeast of Applean Forest on the western bank of Hylia River.

Traveler’s Sword can be found in several places around Hyrule, such as a waterfall near Kakariko Village’s east entrance and Ja Baij Shrine’s Treasure Chest. Furthermore, Bokoblins (monster-sized creatures found throughout Hyrule) often drop the sword when given it by travelers.

Beating Silver Lynels and White-Maned Linels will upgrade your Lynels to a stronger version, and once you reach certain levels in the game you can upgrade them again to Master Lynels! Plus, if you want even more upgrades from Ploymus Mountain, take your master Lynel back for another go!