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Yusri Fortune’s Flame

Yusri, Fortune’s Flame

Yusri, Fortune’s Flame is a two-drop creature card that deals two damage whenever a number between one and five is flipped. If you win, you can cast Yusri, Fortune’s Flame without costing any mana. This is the perfect card for a deck that is primarily based on drawing cards. But, there’s a problem. Yusri is too slow and fragile for competitive formats, especially Modern.

Yusri is not perfect, but it can stack the odds in your favor. The randomness is more balanced than most coin flipping cards. For example, the Fiery Gambit feels too random to be a good card. It seems to be designed to be abused by Krark’s Thumb. And while getting nothing from an entire card is not as satisfying as getting punished, getting something from Yusri is more than worth the occasional bad flip.