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Can You Put Neosporin On A Biopsy Site

It is important to ask whether you are undergoing a biopsy. Neosporin can be used on the site to help prevent infection and promote healing. After you have had a biopsy, your doctor will apply a bandage to the wound to protect it. The bandage should be kept on for at most 24 hours following a biopsy. The wound may take up two weeks to heal completely. You should expect a thin yellow film on the site of your biopsy. If the film is thick or unusually thick, consult your doctor.

There are several reasons for avoiding Neosporin. While it does have excellent brand recognition, the antibiotic contains a mixture of 3 antibacterial medications. The most common one is Neomycin, which is the cause of allergic contact dermatitis. Although some patients believe the site is infected it’s not. Neosporin can cause a red, itchy rash that may look similar to a skin rash. It can also cause a small bump.

If you’re undergoing a skin biopsy, you’ll probably feel some mild swelling and bruising afterward. These reactions are common and will usually subside after a few days. However, bleeding is more common in patients who take blood-thinning medications. If you notice a scab or redness on the biopsy site, you should contact your doctor right away.

You should avoid applying any topical antibiotics such as Neosporin to reduce the chance of infection. Other ointments can be applied to the area but it is not recommended that Neosporin is used on an open site for biopsy. You should instead use aquaphor or polysporin for these areas. They will prevent the wound from scabging and will also prevent it from drying out.

When a skin biopsy is performed, the wound left behind by the biopsy is different in size and depth. Neosporin should not be applied directly on the biopsy site, because the neomycin in it could cause an allergic reaction. However, you can apply a thin band aid to the wound, such as telfa or paper tape. To clean the wound twice daily, you can also use Q-tips.