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Healthsport Fortuna

HealthSPORT Fortuna – Fortuna’s Best Health Club

If you’re looking for a health club in Fortuna, you’ve found it at HealthSPORT Fortuna. The club offers a variety of programs that can help you get in shape. You can choose a program for beginners or you can sign up for a comprehensive fitness program.

The FortunaFit program is a personal training program that’s results-based and designed to help you meet your fitness goals. The FortunaFit trainers are certified personal trainers and have the experience to work with people of all fitness levels, including those who may have a history of injury.

One major drawback of this gym is the lack of lockers. There are only two unisex bathrooms in the gym, and the change rooms are tiny. The lack of lockers forces gym members to leave their clothes in piles around the workout area. While this can be an inconvenience for members, at least you can hit the Farmers Market right next door.