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Lake Research Partners

Lake Research Partners

Lake Research Partners was founded by Celinda Lake in 1995. The firm now has 36 employees and claims an accuracy rate of 83 percent. Clients range from Democratic politicians to left-wing advocacy groups. Other notable clients include the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America, and Change to Win. The firm also has clients in the federal government, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Celinda Lake founded Lake Research Partners in 1995

Lake Research Partners is a public opinion and political strategy research firm that serves national clients. Lake is a woman-owned small business that has grown rapidly. Her research firm advises several Democratic candidates and foundations. Her team is particularly well-versed in voter behavior and the political attitudes of women.

Before launching Lake Research Partners, Lake worked as a senior adviser for national party committees and served as a political strategist for Democratic candidates. She also served as a political consultant to fledgling democratic parties in Bosnia and South Africa. Her work has also been featured in news outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The firm has 36 employees. Its staff is made up of 36% women and 64% men. The company is based in WASHINGTON, DC. The average hourly rate is $165. Salaries vary by department, experience, and education. For more detailed information, check out Lake Research Partners’ employee profile on Zippia.

Lake is not a conservative, but she was an advisor to Bill Clinton during his presidency. Her political connections are strong, and she has supported Democrats for many years. Therefore, her recent research was highly biased. And as a result, she was unable to come up with a clear picture of how voters felt about single payer.

The firm has 36 employees

Lake research partners is a national public opinion and political strategy firm founded by Celinda Lake. Lake is a leading political strategist in the Democratic Party, and one of the lead pollsters for the Biden 2020 campaign. She has served as a political consultant and advisor to many groups and elected officials in the United States and abroad.

Its accuracy rating is 83 percent

When it comes to accuracy, Lake Research Partners is one of the best. Pollsters are graded on how closely their results are to actual results. The firm specializes in providing progressive candidates with polls conducted between 21 days before the election and the final date of the election. In addition to their accuracy, LRP is committed to providing strategic advice for candidates.

Its diversity score is based on ethnicity, gender identity, and language skills

The Lake research center facilitates research collaborations across disciplines that address issues of inequality and disadvantage. It supports scholarly research, production of digital media, collaborative convenings, and signature events. Its PhD program supports academic development and serves as a community for doctoral fellows and center researchers.

The Center for Diversity and Democracy supports research on equity and diversity, as well as research that benefits diverse communities. Up to $30,000 is awarded each year to support one-year research projects. Project topics can include research with minority-serving organizations, research informed by diverse communities, and research that targets career grants or training.