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The Signs Of Include Hot Flushed Skin And Diminished Sweating

If you’ve experienced hot flushes, dry skin, and diminished sweating, then you may have hypothermia. Hyperthermia symptoms are similar to dehydration. However, they may not be the same. These are the symptoms you should be looking out for, in addition to a temperature rise. By staying hydrated, you can reduce your body temperature.

Heat-related illnesses can be exacerbated by certain medical conditions. People with certain skin conditions are more susceptible to heat. Certain medications can decrease sweat production and lower body temperature, making them more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Your risk of heatstroke may be increased by medications that lower blood pressure, drugs that regulate blood flow, and substances that suppress your nervous system.

If you’ve been exposed to heat for extended periods of time, these symptoms can be warning signs of hyperthermia. Other than hot flushed skin, diminished sweating, and altered mental state, hyperthermia can also cause seizures or coma. Affected people should seek medical attention immediately. Heat stroke is dangerous for everyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for the elderly and those with high blood pressure.