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The Ethical and Environmental Practices of Nette Rose Lingerie

Nette Rose, a Cape Town-based lingerie company, creates gorgeous lingerie for the babe who knows how to dress for herself. She is wild and soft and dresses according to her own style. Meg, a designer inspired by her groovy grandmothers and her adventurous spirit, uses classic style to express her adventurous spirit. But she is not without her faults. Let’s examine Nette Rose’s ethical and environmentally responsible practices and compare them to other lingerie brands.

The South African label Nette Rose produces limited-edition intimates in Cape Town. They stock leftover fabrics for future uses because they believe in reducing waste and decreasing its environmental impact. Their thread is made by a South African company that uses renewable energies and has a zero-landfill policy. The packaging is handmade by a local family business. Moreover, the brand supports local businesses by buying from them. Nette Rose intimas are made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials like silk and lace.