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Orange Research

Orange Research

Founded in the 1960s by Les Hoffman, Orange Research is a global research and development company that provides services in the areas of aerospace, marine, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The company offers products and services related to trending technologies and customer service.

Products offered

Despite the company’s size, Orange Research produces a variety of high quality electronic devices. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and has a dedicated staff of engineers and technicians. As the world’s largest manufacturer of flow meter devices, Orange Research has a wide range of applications across the manufacturing spectrum. Its flagship product, the AMI AMR 8000 flow meter, is the best in its class. The company also produces custom instruments for specific applications.

The company’s products are suited for the most demanding of environments. For example, the company produces products that perform in high temperature, high vibration and a host of other conditions. They also have an exemplary customer service and support department. The company specializes in providing the best quality products at the best price. Its products are made in the U.S., but its products are used all over the world. Hence, the company’s product line is diversified enough to cover almost every industry in the world.

Trending technologies

Earlier this week Orange held its Orange Research and Innovation Exhibition in Paris. This annual event aims to identify breakthrough technologies that can help create a better society. This year’s theme focused on data and digital to improve society.

Among the breakthrough technologies is a low power consumption technology that Orange believes is promising for sustainable 6G. In fact, Orange is the first operator in Europe to demonstrate this type of technology.

Orange has also started to talk to potential customers in the defence sector and banking about this technology. They believe this combination of edge computing and 5G offers a significant amount of computing power for AI. It offers a high level of data confidentiality. This means Orange can provide secure services to customers.

Another breakthrough technology is quantum computing. This technology revolutionizes energy storage, weather forecasting, and database searching. It has also been used in the medicine industry.

Orange has also begun to explore quantum-based networks. BT is another big name player in this field. It plans to target thousands of businesses with its quantum-secured network.