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A Pump Jack Scaffold Must Be Fitted With Two

A pump jack scaffold must be fitted with two points of support. They must be mounted on a firm foundation. Each brace must have a minimum width of 12 inches and a maximum vertical spacing of 10 feet. The pump jack scaffold must also be secured to the work wall using rigid triangular bracing. The toprail or personal fall arrest system must be in place for the safety of the employees working on the scaffold.

In addition to two points of support, a pump jack scaffold must be equipped with two gripping mechanisms for the worker’s safety. The platform of a pump jack scaffold must be no less than _____ inches wide. A pump joist and bearer attached to the overhead support must be firmly attached to the joists by positive gripping mechanisms. The platform of a pump jacked scaffold must be able to support the weight of the worker. The total weight of the workers should not exceed four times the maximum weight of the joists.

A pump jack scaffold must be operated by trained and experienced employees who have received proper training and certification. The jack must be checked regularly for damage and should not be used by more than two workers. A pump joist must be fitted with two positive gripping mechanisms and a 500-pound maximum safe working load. In addition to recognizing the hazards, employers must train their workers to avoid accidents and recognize potential hazards.

A pump jack scaffold must be operated by trained and experienced employees. A pump jacked scaffold must also be maintained according to manufacturer’s instructions and must be able to support a load of 200 pounds in any direction. A pump joist is not a substitute for a traditional ladder. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the correct size of the scaffold, as well as the weight, before allowing it to be used.

A pump joist scaffold must be operated by trained employees. The platform should be no wider than six inches. The joist should be able to support a maximum of 200 pounds. A two-point scaffold should not exceed twenty-two inches in width. In addition, the pump jack should be supported by two bearers that are hung from an overhead support. A pump joist is a sturdy and durable scaffold that can support at least twice its own weight.

A pump joist scaffold is supported by two vertical poles that are attached to movable brackets. The platform should be no more than _______ inches wide, and the platform must be no wider than ten inches. Both the pump joist and the platform should be fitted with positive gripping mechanisms. When lifting or lowering a joist, a scaffold should be anchored at the height that it is being used for.

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