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Warband How To Speed Up Travel

How to Speed Up Travel Speed in Mount&Blade: Warband

In Mount&Blade: Warband, there are various ways to increase your warband’s travel speed. From recruiting more calvary units to stocking up on horses in inventory, there are steps you can take to guarantee an efficient party that moves at high speeds across the map. Although none of these methods is guaranteed success, there are some steps you can take that will help guarantee good results.

Recruit More Calvary Units

The key to progress on the world map is recruiting lots of calvary units, particularly archers and spearmen. Not only are these faster than regular troops but they have greater range and damage output as well. Furthermore, these soldiers are more resistant to cold conditions as well as having enhanced healing effects.

Equipping Horses

Having spare horses in your inventory can help carry trade goods and increase the speed of your party’s movement. Unfortunately, they’re quite expensive so it may not be wise to keep too many in one place.

Utilize Your Own Money

Purchasing horses is an effective way to increase your party’s speed on the world map, but it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are other methods for increasing speed that are both cost-effective and less time consuming.

Create a Warband

A warband is Diablo Immortal’s version of an organized guild or clan. With it, you can quickly invite friends to your group and engage in private chat conversations with them. It’s an excellent way to meet new people if you don’t already have many online acquaintances at any given time.

Establishing a Warband Camp

In order to start up your own warband camp in the game, your party members must kill 10,000 monsters. These kills count towards your warband’s total right to rule so they’re an excellent way to boost stats and gain more gold.

Remember, this metric only measures your warband’s success; if it has more members than that then setting up a camp might not be worthwhile.

Make Sure Your Troops Aren’t Overloaded

Overloading your troops can significantly slow down your army’s movement on the world map. This is because the total load weight, including any trade goods you’re transporting, is taken into account when calculating their movement speed.

When moving from point A to B, your speed can significantly impact how long it takes you to get there and how long enemies have to follow you. In general, smaller parties tend to have faster maximum party speeds than larger ones.

Avoid Forests and Hilly Terrain

Your army’s speed is greatly affected by the terrain you are traveling on. For instance, if your party is passing through heavily forested territory, its pace will be considerably slowed down. Similarly, snowy or desert terrain can negatively impact speed as well.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Prisoners and Herd Animals

Having too many prisoners in your party can significantly slow down how quickly your troops move on the map. To reduce this effect, release prisoners before they have an undue impact on travel speed.