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Baba The Fortune Teller

Baba the Fortune Teller

Baba the fortune teller is a fictional character in Dragon Ball Z. The character is small and has magical powers. She is a witch and was often consulted by heroes who wanted to travel to different worlds, find treasures, or predict the future. She also has the ability to travel between dimensions. In the Dragon Ball Z series, Baba made a few appearances. She helped Vegeta and Goku return to Earth from another dimension in the Majin Buu Saga. Her ability to travel across dimensions allowed them to defeat Frieza. She was also featured in the Universe Survival Saga.

Baba the fortune teller is a female character and the elder sister of Master Roshi. She first appears in Dragon Ball Z and appears in a vision when Goku sees his past and future. She later appears in Dragon Ball Kai, Dragon Ball Super. She may also appear in anime episodes as a filler or on rare occasions.