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Pokemon Snap Research Camp

The Pokemon Snap Research Camp

Whether you’re a new Pokemon trainer, or have been training for a while, there is a place for you in the Pokemon Snap research camp. We’ll help you find the training you need to take your game to the next level, and help you get the most out of your Pokeballs.


During your time in New Pokemon Snap, Pikachu will likely visit the Research Camp. The camp is Professor Mirror’s home base. The area is also a great spot to pad your Photodex early on.

There are several different Pokemon to find in the Research Camp. A few are exclusive to the area, but there are also a few Pokemon that can be found in other parts of the game. These include Cutiefly, Sudowoodo, and Rattata. Other notable Pokemon include Stunfisk, Bunnelby, and Dedenne.

Cutiefly is a bug-type Pokemon found in the Research Camp. It can be found in a variety of different areas of the camp, and can even be found behind a TV.


During New Pokemon Snap, there is a Rattata in Research Camp. This is a small rodent Pokemon with cream-colored paws, narrow eyes, and a long, curled tail. It has one whisker on each cheek, and a sclera and red irises. It also has a Super Fang, and has the ability to deliver a powerful bite.

If you want to take a picture of Rattata, you will have to first go to Research Camp. There is a lab side area and Stoutland outside, and you will also find a Cutiefly hiding in flowers.


Whenever you enter the Research Camp in Pokemon Snap, there is a chance to find Trubbish. They are based on land pollution, and they love to eat garbage. The tufts on their arms are pink and blue. The feet are dark green, and they have large triangular teeth. They are often found near a picnic table and can be spotted next to Eevee.

Trubbish can be found on the second route in the Research Camp. It will be located next to Eevee and should be followed to the center of the camp.


During the first route of Pokemon Snap Research Camp, Sudowoodo can be found near the campfire. You can lure it to the nearby Crystabloom with Fluffruit. If you throw the Illumina Orb at the Crystabloom, it will be lighted up.

Sudowoodo is not the only Pokemon you can capture in the camp. You can also catch Meowth and Dedenne. They can be captured by hitting them with Fluffruit or Illumina Orb.

The New Pokemon Snap Research Camp has many Pokemon that are hard to find elsewhere. You can also get a lot of Photodex early on in the game.


During your first playthrough of New Pokemon Snap, you can get an Eevee by following a few simple steps. After all, it’s one of the most popular Pokemon in the game, and it’s often seen playing with other Pokémon.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is find a research lab. You can find this area by using the main menu to enter the research camp. After you’ve found the lab, you’ll need to return to the main menu.

The research camp is a small course with a couple of variations. You can start at either the entrance or the lab. You can also choose between a small loop or a large loop. The start area will dictate where your Pokémon will stand when you begin the course.


During the New Pokemon Snap, Cutiefly can be found in the Lental region. This small Pokemon has a white face and wings, which are marked with a brown loop at the bottom. Cutiefly also has a long, brown proboscis that stretches between its wings. Cutiefly loves flowers, and will fly around them. It collects nectar from these flowers. It also uses its ability to detect the auras of living things. It can also tell when flowers are about to bloom.

Cutiefly is a Fairy-type Pokemon. It has round feet and a pale yellow body. It also has two transparent tufts on its head.

Day courses

Those who play Pokemon Snap will be familiar with the Research Camp. This is a small course that is home to several Pokemon. These Pokemon vary by starting point.

The Research Camp will give you the opportunity to take pictures of Pokemon in specific positions and scenarios. Some requests are easy, while others can be challenging. The goal of these requests is to raise the research level of your Pokemon. You will have a chance to earn new Pokemon and research rewards. These rewards are located in the All Request menu.