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Harris Heller Net Worth

Harris Heller Net Worth

Harris Heller is an internet sensation who is worth an estimated $1 million. The internet star was born on September 7, 1988, making him thirty years old. His zodiac sign is Virgo and his zodiac animal is the Dragon. He has two older sisters and grew up in Carson City, Nevada. He is currently a YouTube sensation with over 350,000 subscribers. Heller’s net worth is growing at a steady pace.

Heller’s net worth is growing as he continues to make money from his YouTube channel and other online projects. He is married to Kenzie Nimmo and handles video and audio work for her YouTube channel. He is also active on Snapchat. The YouTube star is the son of Dean and Lynne Heller, a Nevada politician. He attended BYU where he studied sound recording technology and music composition. However, he dropped out of school to pursue his career in social media.

Kenzie Nimmo and Harris Heller met while studying music together. After a year and a half of dating, they started collaborating on videos. They started Vining on Kenzie’s advice and now have over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their videos have featured Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

Harris Heller’s wife Kenzie Nimmo is a popular social media star in the United States. The singer-songwriter performs popular song covers with Harris Heller. Heller’s support of Kenzie has helped her to grow her social media following. She was born on November 26, 1991 in Bedford, New Hampshire. She is a Sagittarius and has four siblings.