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Traveling Spirit Sky

Traveling Spirit Sky in World of Warcraft

Traveling Spirit Sky offers Seasonal Spirits from previous Seasons the opportunity to purchase Expression Upgrades, Cosmetics and Wing Buffs for a short visit.

Every two weeks, a randomly-selected Traveling Spirit will visit your Home for 96 hours, arriving on Thursday 00:00 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7 during Daylight Saving Time) and departing Sunday 23:59 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7). As they stay with you for this entire period of 96 hours, an interactive countdown will tell you how long it’s left until their departure.

Players visiting The Traveling Spirit can interact with and purchase any items offered, always appearing unlocked in his #Friendship Tree – including higher level expressions, cosmetics, hearts and ascend lock. Some Blessings may also be unlocked during their visit.

Traveling Spirits arrive and depart at random, with older spirits typically visiting first. Newer spirits usually wait a while before visiting, as at least one Spirit from each past season has visited already.

When the Spirit visits multiple times during a single season, the number of days between each appearance increases by the number of visits (i.e., if Spirit makes two appearances in one season, then it’s going to be a new start). This allows players who missed previous visits an opportunity to catch up when they receive another opportunity for visitation.

It is worth noting that the same spirit often appears more than once during a Season, so be on the lookout for them.

These spirits will not have the same currency costs as their original Season’s appearance. They will be priced differently and require more effort to obtain.

They may also be found at more unusual places.

There are a plethora of Spirits to discover in this game, and many can be hard to locate. If you have any queries regarding where a particular Spirit is located, feel free to post them in the comments section below and I will answer them as quickly as possible!

Some of the earliest Spirits you’ll come across in this game are the Prophet of Water and Sassy Drifter. While both can be challenging to locate, they become very visible with the right action taken.

To obtain the Prophet of Water, you must solve a puzzle and open a door. This is an easy puzzle but requires four people working together in unison to open it. Once inside, you will discover creatures resembling Manta Rays hiding within its cave.

Once you’ve unlocked Telekinesis on Spirit on the first floor, it’s time to rescue them from this cave. Unfortunately, this requires more luck than with Sassy Drifter as there are multiple sections you must reach before unlocking the door.

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