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Equis Research

Empowering Latinas Through Education and Outreach

During the presidential election of 2020, Latina women could be the X factor. They’re a key population that could drive voter turnout in the U.S. but only if they’re able to reach the political decision makers in the process. In order to help the Latina community participate more effectively in the electoral process, the EQUIS Research Platform aims to empower Latinas through education and outreach. In this article, you’ll learn about the program’s mission and how you can participate.

Director of Program Implementation

Interested in an exciting Director of Program Implementation opportunity at Equis Research? Equis is seeking an experienced and strategic thinker with a passion for issues affecting the Latino and Hispanic communities. Equis is focused on digital innovation and is developing new approaches to reach Latinos. Equis also seeks to build long-term partnerships with Latino stakeholders. Its mission is to strengthen the Latino infrastructure and increase civic engagement.

The Director of Program Implementation will work closely with the Equis leadership team and the Chief of Staff to advance the implementation of research. This position will develop strategies and systems for the implementation of Equis’s research and Moonshots.

Latina women could be the X factor in the 2020 U.S. presidential election

Despite the popularity of Latinos in the state and national political arena, the vast majority of Latinos do not identify as pan-ethnics. This is a problem that has been compounded by the recent migration of immigrants from the Caribbean, Latin America and Mexico. In addition to the logistical challenge of organizing an effective coalition, civic organizers are faced with the task of persuading new voters to participate in the political process. The “one size fits all” approach to electoral participation fails to address the underlying reasons for low Latino electoral participation.

EQUIS process based on a conceptual framework of quality criteria

Using a conceptual framework of quality criteria as a starting point, the EQUIS process is examined. The EQUIS process is a quality improvement system that is used to validate the quality of education at higher education institutions across Europe. It is reviewed by a consortium of EFMD members.

The EQUIS process consists of three main components. The first is the requisite DQ solutions, which include the DQ report, the DQ report class and the DQ Report classes. The second component is the DQ assessment and management. The third component is the DQ status.

EQuIS Research Platform mission

Founded in 2008, the EQuIS Research Platform is a multi-institutional collaboration, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its mission is to improve surgical care of children in Calgary and throughout the world. The organization also partners with other international organizations, local institutions, and even local and national media outlets to achieve its mission. EQuIS is a consortium of clinical researchers that represents the best and brightest in the field of pediatric surgery. The group is aided by a number of funding sources, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). EQuIS is also supported by the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

External partnerships and communications strategy

Developing external partnerships and a communications strategy for Equis research is a complex task. While there are many things to consider, the best communications strategy is one that is in line with the goals of the organization, while also being in line with the objectives of its stakeholders. This will help ensure that the company’s messages are clear and the organization receives the credit it deserves.

The best communications strategy for Equis research is one that involves building relationships in different sectors, including the media. The best communications strategy for Equis research will include a number of different elements, such as press, press training, and press strategy. Developing relationships in the media is a smart move for any company.

Salary range

Earlier this year, Victoria M. Walker went viral when she posted a $50,000-to-$145,000 salary range for a tech reporter position. This caused a firestorm of debate, as many workers wondered whether employers should be disclosing salary information. However, there are laws in place that require employers to list the ranges on job advertisements, and those who break the rules could be sued.

While it may be tempting to widen the pay range in order to attract a wide pool of applicants, that does not necessarily mean that the pay range is in good faith. A “good faith” range is one that the employer believes will allow the applicant to be paid what he or she is worth. If an employer is not sure about the salary range, he or she should consult two different agencies. These agencies will determine if the pay range is in good faith.

Employee benefits

EBSA conducts research on employee benefits to advance its mission to improve health benefits for all workers. Research includes legislative, regulatory, and policy research. It also applies current economic theory to employee benefits and their interactions with public social insurance programs. These studies serve to expand knowledge on the role of employee benefits in economic security and to improve understanding of how employee benefits are used, how they affect employee satisfaction, and how employees use them. EBSA’s research program is authorized by the Secretary of Labor.