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Canada Ukraine Authorization For Emergency Travel

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

Ukrainians fleeing war have been given special assistance through Canada’s special program to get them safely, as well as access to education and medicine. Furthermore, the federal government provides financial support to people seeking refuge in Canada.

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program offers free temporary resident status to Ukrainians and their families with valid passports or other national identity documents, enabling them to work, study and stay in Canada until it’s safe to return home. It can be utilized by Ukrainians with valid passports or other national identity documents.

CUAET can only be applied for online through the IRCC portal, and you must create an account before submitting an application. You’ll receive an invitation code in your email that must be entered to create an account and log in. Please note: the IRCC portal is the sole location to apply for the CUAET exam.

Under the CUAET program, applicants who arrive in Canada under this exemption are exempt from mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 as long as they present a certificate. Nonetheless, they must still meet all other public health requirements, including quarantine and testing.

They can work legally in Canada and study at any Canadian school or university, subject to certain limitations. Students enrolled in elementary or high school can begin studying immediately upon arrival; those seeking post-secondary education must apply for study permits once in Canada.

Processing a CUAET application usually takes 14 days, which is more time-consuming than processing an ordinary visa application which typically takes three weeks.

Ukrainian citizens can apply for the CUAET online through IRCC’s website. You’ll need a valid Ukrainian passport or other national identity document to apply, though other forms of identification will work too if they are authentic and demonstrate your status as an eligible Ukrainian citizen.

To guarantee a speedy processing of your CUAET application, make sure all necessary documents are presented along with it. Depending on the nature of the visit, additional forms or biometrics may need to be filled out as well.

According to the IRCC website, vaccination is not required for entry under CUAET but you still have a responsibility to abide by all other public health regulations including quarantine and testing.

When applying for the CUAET, be sure to bring along your original passport or other national ID document. Photocopied or scanned versions of these documents may take additional time to process, so be sure to bring the originals with you.

Additionally, you’ll need to provide a copy of your travel itinerary or schedule. While this is usually not necessary, it can be beneficial if requested by a border services officer.

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is an initiative of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada designed to support Ukrainians displaced by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and their families.

CUAET program has seen tremendous support from Ukrainians who have travelled to Canada under the program and from community organizations and individual donors across Canada. As of September 14, 559,552 individuals have applied for CUAET and 251,922 have already been granted visas.