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What Has Research Shown About Processing Subliminal Messages

We can process subliminal messages outside of our awareness. But, when we are not in the laboratory, we do not perceive these signals. Yet, the truth is that our minds are very good at processing subliminal messages. This is why we often obey them. The question is, how do we do that? There are several ways to do this, but the main way is by exposing ourselves to a specific type of environment.

Researchers have repeatedly proven that the effects of subliminal messages on our behavior can be quite strong. One of the most common methods is to expose our conscious selves to visual and auditory stimuli. The early Greeks developed the science of rhetoric, which is based on strategically placing data to persuade people. Throughout history, scientists have studied the impact of subliminal messages and how to make them more effective.

One study examined the effects of visual and auditory subliminal messages on decision making. The study subjects completed a task on the computer while subliminally primed with the brand name or nonwords derived from the brand name. When offered the beverage, the subjects were asked to indicate which was more appealing. The first answer, Lipton Ice, was more preferred by the subjects. In the study, people were more likely to select the drink they were most thirsty for than the other two. However, the subliminal primes only had an effect on motivated individuals.

Another study found that subliminal messaging had no effect on delayed decision-making. In both experiments, participants were exposed to familiar stimuli over a period of 15 or 25 minutes. In the study, the subjects had to decide whether the face represented high or low income. In another, similar study, the researchers assessed the effects of new vocabulary presented in a foreign language. Among these studies, the first result was more favorable than the second.

The other study showed that people who were influenced by a subliminal prime were more likely to donate blood to cancer patients. This study was also found that people who have a strong value system were more likely to donate blood. And it is not clear whether people with inconsistent values were influenced by a subliminal message. But the results of the study indicated that the effects of such messages were transient and not permanent.

Subliminal messages can have a lasting effect on our actions. It has also been proven that the effects of subliminal messaging are longer than originally believed. In fact, the influence of subliminal messages lasted for a longer period of time. This study even showed that they influenced people’s responses to questions about a previously seen face. That’s why, people’s decisions are influenced by subliminal information, but it is important to understand how these messages work in our brains.

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