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Simches Research Center

MGH’s Richard B Simches Research Center

MGH is home to the Richard B. Simches Research Center, an important research facility that is renowned internationally for its research on cell membranes. The center is located on 185 Cambridge Street, Boston. Its research facilities include two stand-alone PC-based computer platforms and a Program in Membrane Biology. The program also features state-of-the-art light and confocal microscopy facilities and image analysis software by Volum Technologies.

MGH Richard B. Simches Research Center

The MGH Richard B. Simches Research Center is home to the world-renowned Cardiovascular Research Center. The Center houses more than 100 researchers who are working on groundbreaking cardiovascular research. The research center has two locations: the Charlestown Navy Yard and the Richard B. Simches Research Building. In addition, the Division of Cardiology has a long-standing reputation for training leaders in the field.

You can reach the Simches Research Center by taking the MBTA Red Line Charles/MGH station and then cross the street toward the right. From there, you’ll see a large glass building on the right side of the street and the above-ground entrance to the parking lot. Continue walking to the right until you reach the Simches Research Building.

Program in Membrane Biology

The Program in Membrane Biology at MGH is located on the 8th floor of the Simches Research Center at 185 Cambridge Street, Boston, Massachusetts. It offers a variety of facilities and training to graduate students interested in research in the field. Students may choose from two stand-alone PC-based computer platforms and a wide range of imaging and analysis techniques.

The Program in Membrane Biology at MGH is part of the Division of Nephrology, and brings together more than 40 faculty and technical staff. They collaborate on research related to the structure and function of membranes and proteins and vesicle trafficking. The program is also affiliated with the MGH Center for Systems Biology.

The curriculum of the TPIMB is structured to provide a comprehensive overview of current knowledge in molecular, cellular, and structural biology. Students will also learn about the connections between genetic and physiological phenomena. In addition, students will gain a strong background in biomedical research, and will be ready to enter other graduate programs.

Interested candidates should have experience in cell culture and imaging, as well as an interest in cardiovascular pathophysiology. They should also have excellent communication skills and possess a strong publication record.

Chao Lab

The Simches Research Center Chao Lab is a research center located in the Department of Molecular Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. It is also part of the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. The researchers at this lab are focused on a number of projects related to the genetics of cancer.