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Fmc Stine Research Center

FMC Stine Research Center in Newark, Delaware

Founded in 1945, the FMC Stine Research Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota has continued to grow and develop, while being a cornerstone in the manufacturing industry. The center focuses on the development of new and innovative technologies for the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. It also provides educational and research programs for students in the Twin Cities area.


During the course of 2017, FMC Corporation, a publicly traded agricultural sciences company, acquired a portion of DuPont’s crop protection business in Delaware. The deal was the largest in the company’s history and maintained more than 500 jobs in the state. In addition to keeping local jobs, FMC opted to make the ensuing move by relocating its global research and development headquarters to the Stine Research Center in Newark, Delaware. The company also plans to host an investor day at the facility.

The company has a history in the state, dating back to John Bean’s piston-pump insecticide sprayer in 1883. In 2012, FMC celebrated the 50th anniversary of its polymer plant in Newark. In the following year, the company acquired the Bean Spray Pump Company and expanded it to the Food Machinery Corporation. Today, the company is one of the largest producers of food and agricultural products in the world. In the course of its storied existence, the company has acquired hundreds of patents, invented new polymers and launched dozens of products in the food and agriculture space.


Located in Newark, Delaware, FMC Corporation is an agricultural sciences company. The company has been in business since 1883, when John Bean created the world’s first piston-pump insecticide sprayer. In 2012, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of its polymer plant in Newark. In the years since, FMC has acquired several renowned insecticides and other crop protection technologies from DuPont.

The company has 23 research stations worldwide, and plans to expand its labs in Delaware. It has hired more than 25 new employees, boosting its R&D efforts in the state. In the past year, the company opened a biology lab in Denmark.

FMC also has a history in Delaware, having transferred 45 employees from Ewing Township, New Jersey to Delaware. The company is planning to hire 13 more researchers to support its Delaware efforts.

The company has won several awards for its crop protection technologies. Its most recent accolades include a gold medal for its Rynaxypyr, a synthetic insecticide that targets major pests.

Executive officers

Agricultural sciences company FMC Corporation relocated global research and development headquarters to its Stine Research Center in Newark, Delaware. The site, a 515-acre former DuPont plant, includes labs and an experimental farm. The site is short drive from major mid-Atlantic cities.

FMC Corporation is a global agricultural sciences company with more than 400 employees in Newark and New Jersey. The company is committed to discovering new active ingredients and solutions for growers worldwide. Its products help growers produce food, fiber, fuel and more. It has won numerous awards for its technology innovations.

FMC is a global leader in research and development for the agricultural industry, offering solutions that address toughest challenges. It has more than 100 laboratories and 23 research stations worldwide. It is dedicated to crop protection chemistry, supplying growers with fuel and fuel alternatives, crop nutrition, precision agriculture and biotech solutions. FMC is also dedicated to a drug-free workplace.

FMC has a long history in Delaware. Its founder, John Bean, made his first piston-pump insecticide sprayer in 1883. In addition to its global R&D headquarters in Newark, Delaware, FMC also has labs in France, Denmark, Brazil and India.

Recent mergers

Earlier this year, FMC announced that it will make a significant new investment in Delaware. The company plans to invest $50 million over three years in an expanded R&D headquarters. The new campus will serve as the centerpiece of future research efforts. It will also house a larger staff of former DuPont researchers.

The $50 million investment will help facilitate FMC’s $2 billion investment in research and development through 2023. It will include reconfiguring the existing structure at the Delaware campus and investing in capital improvement projects.

FMC plans to hire 13 new employees over the next three years. It will also increase the number of research positions in Delaware to 13 as well.

FMC is an agricultural sciences company with laboratories in the U.S., Brazil, France and India. It has earned the American Chemistry Council’s Sustainability Assessment Tool award. It also participates in the Healthy Food for Healthy Kids program, helping build school gardens across Delaware.