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Give The Name For The Following Compounds

Which of these compounds has two ions? Ionic compounds contain both a nonmetal and a metal ion. Name the nonmetal and metal ions first, then the other in the order of their composition. The metal’s name will be followed by a Roman numeral. The metal potassium oxide is also known as potassium oxide. Another example of an ionic compound is iron(II) chloride.

A single compound can have multiple names in IUPAC nomenclature. In the case of alkanes, the longest hydrocarbon chain is called the parent chain. In alkenes, ethenyl and benzene, the parent chain is followed by a suffix such as ‘-ene’ or ‘-yne’. The number indicates the position of the double bonded carbon atom once the parent chain has been reached. Greek numerical prefixes can be used for compound with multiple double bonds.

For nonmetallic compounds, the first atom in the compound’s name is omitted. Two different compounds are formed by carbon and oxygen: CO2 and CO3. These compounds have distinct properties and cannot be called the same thing. Nevertheless, naming them is similar to naming ionic compounds. In addition to the chemical formula, a molecule’s name specifies how many atoms are present in a given compound.