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ARAM AD – Miss Fortune in World of Warcraft

Miss Fortune is one of the best AD carries in the game and is especially strong in the early game. Her speed and high damage make her an excellent choice for pushing enemies back. Her Love Tap passive is very effective in ARAM, and it can be especially effective in crowded areas where it can deal massive poke damage to enemies.

Miss Fortune’s damage comes primarily from her basic attacks, but her abilities are also very effective, dealing huge amounts of damage. Most of her abilities are set up to either finish opponents or assist her basic attacks. If you’re looking to maximize her damage output, the Conqueror rune is a good choice. This rune can help increase your damage output as well as heal you.

Double Up is another powerful ability, allowing Miss Fortune to get closer to enemies. This will also help Miss Fortune move faster if her enemies have a Phantom Dancer. It can also be used to initiate a battle when you’re close enough to your enemies. Make sure to use your abilities in the right order!

Tear of the Goddess and Infinity Edge are also very important items to build on Miss Fortune. These two items will make your damage much higher and will allow you to spam her abilities. They will scale with Miss Fortune’s stats and can be upgraded into Muramana and Manamune. These three are very useful against squishies and balanced enemies alike. Bloodthirster is another useful item to have as an alt in the late game.