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Some People Dont Revisit The Marriage Officiant

Wedding Officiant – Why Some People Dont Revisit the Marriage Officiant

Considering the fact that I am a wedding officiant, the subject is bound to be on my mind. The question is, what do I do? Fortunately for me I am not alone in this particular conundrum. This is especially true given the number of couples that are marrying in this country. The sexism is all too real, as is the desire for a large swath of the population to rekindle the flames. It is in this context that I would like to share with you my top tips for planning and executing a successful wedding. My advice is to have fun, show up on time and make sure your wifey and her entourage have a wonderful day. After all, this is their special day and they do not get to do it more often than they get to use the shower.