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How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Veneers

Patients often ask us “How old do I need to be to get veneers?” The answer to this question depends on your personal circumstances. While there is no specific age limit for veneers, dentists generally recommend that patients wait until they are 18 years old or older. Because veneers can be affected by the growth of the patient’s gums and mouth, this is important to ensure that the aesthetics are maintained. This is because a female’s jawbone will stop growing around 17 years of age, while a male’s might continue to grow until the early 20’s.

Woodbridge dentists recommend that veneers should be applied only to patients who are at least 16 years of age. The reason is that the process used to create veneers for young patients differs from that for adults. Because of the more enamel left behind, children’s veneers are less likely need to be replaced. Your first set should be replaced if you are 16-18 years old. Your second set should last until around 22 years. The third set should last between 15 and 20 years.

The process of getting veneers depends on several factors. For one thing, you should have permanent teeth. It may be too early for you to get veneers, since it might leave gaps near the gum line and cause issues with dental hygiene. Children can also have veneers. Temporary veneers can be applied by the dentist while you wait for your permanent teeth. For more information, visit a cosmetic dentist.

The age requirement for getting veneers is not as stringent as for teeth whitening. However, your dentist will assess the overall health of your teeth and mouth. Your dentist will also check whether you have fully developed teeth and that they are straight and have not been shifting around. Veneers are permanent so you should be able practice good oral hygiene. This is a must if you want to keep your smile looking its best.

Another question that is asked when you consider veneers is whether or not you are too old. Many people who get veneers are in their twenties. This is because they are more self-aware and have a greater desire to improve their appearance. Regardless of your age, veneers are possible. Age is just a number. Even though you may be the oldest person on the planet, you still have the potential to be in your prime health if you decide to get them.

As children grow up, their smile becomes more adult-like. Unfortunately, many children develop discolorations and other issues that are not treatable with teeth whitening. While these conditions are rare, they can still benefit from veneers. A child can get veneers when they are still growing, but they may have to wait until they have permanent teeth. It is also important to note that the age of the child will determine how natural the result will be.