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Graf Lantz Carry-on Travel Weekender

Graf Lantz Carry-On Travel Weekender

An elegant carry-on travel weekender from Graf Lantz is the ideal accessory to keep you organized and comfortable on any journey, be it spontaneous or full-featured flight. Constructed of soft canvas material with sturdy vegan leather handle reinforcement and removable crossbody strap.

Merino wool felt material makes this travel bag durable and water-resistant, and is available in three neutral hues – charcoal (black), granite grey, and granite sienna. Furthermore, there’s a handy zipper pocket designed to store passports, boarding passes, or any other travel essentials safely and securely.

This bag is built to last and easily cleaned either manually or mechanically, eliminating the hassle of constantly purchasing new bags as yours wears down. Its small interior compartment makes it perfect for keeping shoes or other items tidy while its adjustable shoulder straps offer maximum comfort.

There are two interior mesh pockets designed to keep smaller items secure, and four external pockets that provide space for extra accessories you might require. Furthermore, detachable shoulder straps can easily convert to backpack straps; and its interior lining is soft and easy to wipe clean.

Graf Lantz’s round 4-pack felt placemat is the ideal addition to your dining table, boasting naturally water-repellant, stain-repellent, antimicrobial, and heat protection properties. Available in an array of colors to complement any table.

Graf Lantz offers the PM2.5 face mask filter as an efficient, affordable, and accessible means of protecting yourself against harmful airborne particles and bacteria which may contribute to respiratory illness. Equipped with activated carbon and filter cloth technology, it can be worn for four days before needing to be disposed.

Graf Lantz is a lifestyle brand and design house located in California that draws its inspiration from Holger Graf’s German roots and Daniel Lantz’s appreciation of Japanese minimalist aesthetic. Working with some of the oldest and most durable materials like wool felt, leather, canvas; they exclusively trust local manufacturers so production stays close by.

They partner with Feeding America to feed America’s hungry. Together they have provided more than 5 million meals!

Graf Lantz offers a reusable cloth mask as a simple yet effective way to protect your health while traveling, featuring a five-layer filter with activated carbon and special material to capture and prevent airborne pollutants and bacteria. Available in multiple colors, it can be worn for four days before it must be discarded.