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Tamiyo Field Researcher

Tamiyo, Field Researcher – How to Use This Card in Your Deck

Tamiyo, Field Researcher is a white, blue, and green soratami Planeswalker that was introduced in the May 2019 set. This card is a very powerful card that fills your hand with massive mana bonuses. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to use Tamiyo, Field Researcher in your deck.

This card draws two cards when it is +1’d. This is very good for a creature card, and it has a base ability that is not always present in other cards. A four mana card that draws three cards has been great before, but a 4 mana creature that draws two cards is a lot more powerful than an extra card in your hand. Furthermore, a five-mana Tamiyo is not easy to kill, making it difficult to defeat it.