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Can You Eat Fruit Snacks With Braces

If you’re worried about how to eat healthy while wearing braces, consider some suggestions for snacking that won’t cause plaque buildup. One option is to eat yogurt with soft fruit. Hard fruits can damage braces, so be careful when picking fruits. Other healthy options include tortillas, which are soft breads that can be topped with sour cream or soft cheese. A fruit snack is an easy way to satisfy your cravings without causing a mess.

Braces don’t mean that fruits and vegetables are out of bounds. Sliced apples, bananas and blueberries are all safe. Avoid chewy breads as they can cause braces to become damaged. Instead, look for snacks with bite-size pieces of cheese or sliced fruit. Although fruit may seem like a treat, braces are not meant for complete pain relief.

Some fruits can become lodged under your braces. While wearing braces, avoid eating Skittles and M&Ms. They are often too sticky and gummy and can damage your braces. If you are concerned about a relapse, you can cut down on fruit snacks. While these are not recommended to eat, they can be helpful if you’re bored and craving a sweet treat.

While wearing braces, it is okay to eat a few pieces of fruit per week. Fruits should be whole fruits, not juice, to ensure that they’re healthy for you. Whole fruit contains several vitamins and minerals, and fiber is important for your gut health. Smoothies can be used as a snack while braces are on, but you should avoid smoothies altogether. While these smoothies are made from pure fruit, they’re almost entirely sugar. Therefore, it’s best to avoid sweet snacks while wearing braces.

While fruit snacks with braces are usually okay to eat, you should avoid eating any snacks with hard or sticky parts. Hard foods, such as chocolate chips, caramel apples, or taffy, can easily push the wires or brackets. Even crunchy treats can damage your braces. You should avoid chewy foods, too. They could cause a relapse. Before you eat food with braces, make sure to read all instructions.

Another great snack option is potato chips. While they may seem healthy, potato chips can cause problems with the wire alignment on your braces. Soft, homemade French fries are a better choice. You should not fry them too crispy. Although this snack won’t cause any damage to your braces it is better than potato chips. It’s best to stick with soft, healthy snacks when you’re busy.