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C Section Scar Revision Before And After

When comparing c section scar revision before and after photos, it is helpful to keep in mind that every patient’s situation is different. A 36-year-old woman underwent a C section twice, and she was frustrated by the fold of skin over the scar. Although her original scar was well healed, the fold was still visible through many fashionable clothes, including gym clothing. To improve the appearance, further surgery may be required.

There are many surgical options available for treating c-section scars. These include laser therapy and topical agents. Topical treatments can include silicone gel, steroid creams, and retinol-based skin care systems. Broad Band Light therapy and full field erbium-laser treatment are also options. A surgical excision can be used to remove a c section scar. It releases tight skin and restores a firmer core.

The appearance of the scars is largely dependent on the quality of the incision, including the skin’s elasticity, the surgeon’s technique, and the patient’s genetics. A good C-section scar will be flat, thin, and similar in color to the surrounding skin. It should not be itchy or painful, and will fade in time. Regular massage and moisturising will also make the scars less visible.

A c-section scar reconstruction patient can return to normal activities within one week after the surgery. The new incision will be much thinner, flatter, and less noticeable. The post-operative care will be explained in detail to patients, and Dr. Lampert will be available to answer any questions. A c-section scar reconstruction procedure can be costly. Only a board-certified surgeon can deliver a superior result.

Dr. Rahban uses local painkillers for the procedure. Every patient is fully informed about the procedure. His straightforward approach ensures that the patient can make an informed decision on the procedure. Dr. Lampert is available to answer any questions and guide patients through the procedure until they are satisfied with the results. The more you know, the more comfortable you’ll be with the procedure.

A c-section scar revision can be combined with a breast lift or an augmentation. Vertical scars that extend past the pubis may also be treated with laser liposuction. This can be combined with a tummy-tuck. In addition to removing the scar, a mommy makeover surgery may include removing excess skin and separating muscle. During the post-op phase, patients should avoid breastfeeding until their post-op condition improves.

C-section scars are a common aftereffect of childbirth. Although many women’s C-section scars are hidden below the underwear line, some experience more pronounced or painful scars. Fortunately, Dr. Farber uses advanced scar revision techniques to minimize the appearance of these scars and rejuvenate lower abdominal areas. As a result, their lower abdomens look and feel younger, making their C-section scars less visible.