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Fisher Price Little People Construction

Fisher Price Little People Construction Set Review

It’s no secret that Fisher Price has been around for the better part of a century. They have churned out over 2 billion Little People since the first one hit the shelves in 1959. The company has branched out to international markets and gotten into licensing Sesame Street and the like. In addition to the iconic dinosaur toy, it has produced a number of notable playsets over the years. Among the most popular is the Fisher Price Little People construction set.

While it’s not the most expensive model in the line, the company does offer a variety of toys for different budgets. This includes the Little People Construction Set and the Load Up ‘n Learn construction site. Both of these are fun interactive toys that will delight even the most picky of preschoolers. Like many playsets, this one has a few kinks to work out, but overall it is a worthwhile purchase. You’ll find all the pieces in the box, along with a helpful user guide.

As you can imagine, the Fisher Price Little People Load Up ‘n Learn construction set comes with plenty of little trinkets to keep little hands occupied. What’s more, it has some impressive sound effects. That said, it’s the battery-operated crane and red dump truck that really get kids interested in all things construction. For a mere $30, it’s a worthwhile investment. After all, who doesn’t love the chance to take a mini-break in the middle of the day?

If you’re looking to find the best Little People construction set on the market, check out the company’s online store for a good selection. You’ll also have a chance to win a prize pack of Little People goodies. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest price or the most complete product, you’ll find it all at Fisher Price.