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Oliver Peoples Tk-1

Oliver Peoples TK-1 Review

The Oliver Peoples TK-1 is a sleek and stylish pair of prescription glasses that will please both men and women alike. The round frame features a titanium construction, a 22mm bridge, and an xtra small 145mm lens diameter. Other features include adjustable nose pads and a Mia Burton Care Kit.

The name Oliver Peoples is a household name in the eyewear business. In fact, the company produces a number of unique designs for both men and women. Their offerings include a range of classic and retro models as well as stylish newcomers that are sure to get the attention of your discerning eyewear-buying friends. To top it all off, Oliver Peoples is also a supplier to Hollywood’s movers and shakers. Indeed, the company has been able to win over a number of renowned stars and blockbuster consumers with its eyewear and accessory line.

The TK-1 is just one of several styles from the Oliver Peoples collection. There are other eyewear options to choose from, such as the TS-1 and GS-1, each of which is available in both prescription and non-prescription versions. Like many of the company’s lines, the Oliver Peoples TK-1 is a good value for money. As a result, there’s little reason to resist a purchase. This brand has won the hearts of millions of blockbuster consumers and is a company you can trust to deliver. With a full range of eyewear styles and an unbeatable array of frames, Oliver Peoples is sure to meet your eyewear needs. Regardless of your budget, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of glasses for you. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your family, or your best friend, Oliver Peoples has the prescription eyewear you need to look your best. Luckily, they come in both traditional and advairdous shapes, meaning you’ll be able to find something that fits your unique facial features and personality.