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What A Joke With Papa And Fortune

What A Joke With Papa and Fortune

Tom Papa is a top stand-up comedian in the country and a co-host of the SiriusXM Netflix channel show “What a Joke with Papa and Fortune.” He has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience 18 times and has been a frequent guest on late-night TV shows. He is also co-hosting “Breaking Bread With Tom Papa” podcast and has co-written two books.

What A Joke with Papa and Fortune, the first original SiriusXM program, is produced by the network. The show will premiere on July 15 and will air on the satellite radio station’s channel 93. It will be broadcast daily during prime driving hours. It will feature music from Grammy Award-winning musician Bedouine and comedic guests Zach Galifianakis and Nick Swardson. You will need to reserve your seats early as there are limited availability.

Fortune has a growing fan base in the comedy community, and is known for her ability to make audiences laugh. Fortune has appeared on many television shows, in addition to her collaborations with other talented comedians. She has appeared as Pam on Comedy Central’s “Lights Out With David Spade”, and in “Kenan,” an NBC comedy series. Her latest role was as Pinky in “Barbar and Star Go To Vista Del Mar.”

Fortune Feimster is a writer, stand-up comedian, and actor. Two of her stand-up specials, Sweet & Salty and Bad Cop, Bad Cop, were huge hits. She has also contributed to two podcasts and appeared on several TV shows.