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Soldier Of Fortune Monster Truck

The Soldier Fortune Black Ops Monster Truck

The Soldier Fortune Black Ops monster car first made its debut at 2016 Monster Jam Season Kickoff. It began competition with Tony Ochs the next year. It won three event championships and was third overall in the series. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic and budget cuts put an end to the Triple Threat Series, the truck was placed into hiatus. It will be back in competition in 2020 for select arena events.

The Soldier Fortune has undergone several changes since its initial debut in 2015. In 2017, the truck received a new chassis and new drivers. The truck participated in the Monster Jam Stadium Championship Series 4 in 2018 and was invited to the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII. Blood and the truck also competed in the Monster Jam World Finals XX ATV competition. In addition, the Soldier Fortune has also been given a spin-off named the Fire & Ice truck. The Ice truck was first used in the Monster Jam World Finals, and later for select Triple Threat Series events. In 2019, the truck stepped away from full-time driving to become a part-time driver for Monster Jam.

The Fortune has competed in the FS1 Championship Series and the Monster Jam World Finals XVII. It has won numerous events and is still a popular option for many fans. The truck is made of durable and lightweight plastic, and it can withstand tough conditions. It also has a removable body that can be rolled up for storage.

This Monster Jam truck is a great choice for both children and adults. It provides a range of 250 feet and allows six monster trucks to be raced side by side. It also has a look-alike chassis and an official sponsor, BKT Tires. This truck is a great gift for boys and girls and can be an excellent addition to any child’s collection.

To avoid heavy traffic and crowds at Monster Jam events, it is important to arrive early. It is best to arrive at the arena by 2:30 p.m. but make sure you arrive in time to enjoy the pit party as well as the early show. You should arrive at the arena no less than an hour before the gates open. Also, you should be there by 7 p.m.