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Traveling Selector

The Career Path of a Traveling Selector

Career Path of Traveling Selector A traveling selector fulfills customer orders in warehouse or stockroom settings by selecting, storing, packing and monitoring their inventory of products to meet customer expectations. They must also ensure that these are safely packaged for shipping so as not to arrive damaged at their destinations. A successful traveling selector requires excellent team working skills as well as organizational knowledge as well as attention to detail.

In 2023, the median salary for traveling selectors was $33,561, with top earners making $41,059. California and DC offered higher compensation to this profession.

Order selectors must possess experience operating powered equipment such as electric pallet jacks and forklifts – such as reach, clamp, and cherry pickers – to select orders effectively. Hand selecting orders within various warehouse environments with fluctuating temperatures such as dry, cooler and freezer must also be possible; steel-toe safety shoes are required. Experience with Vocollect, Talkman, Jennifer or other voice selection and RF scanning equipment is invaluable, particularly if your employer employs traveling selector workforces that need quick and efficient workers to operate these tools. Companies are willing to pay premium rates for temporary employees as they help staff warehouses and keep supply chains moving smoothly, especially as companies struggle with finding and keeping permanent staff due to labor shortages across the United States.