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Traveler’s Sword Kakariko Village

Hateno Village in Hyrule – Kakariko Village

If you’re looking to gain some extra experience while traversing Hyrule, Hateno Village is an ideal starting point. It’s a vast town with plenty of loot to be had and plenty of enemies to fight. So come join us!

The Farming Pitchfork, Farming Hoe, Pot Lid, Rusty Halberd and Soup Ladle can all be found in the town. While these items may not be particularly strong, they’re easily located if you know where to look for them.

They may not be necessary, but they can be useful if you want to gain some XP and earn lots of rupees quickly. Furthermore, the town boasts several weapons such as the Feathered Edge sword.

Link’s first weapon in the game, this Rito (ritual) weapon can usually be found in an enemy camp near Tabantha Frontier or from an enemy chest in Rota Ooh Shrine.

It does additional burn damage, making it ideal for smelting spikey vines and dried leaves as well as melting ice and lighting campfires. Furthermore, you can use it to take down Fire Wizzrobes and Moblin Clubs that are usually spawned by the same enemies.

Kakariko Village is home to the Traveler’s Sword, which can be found near Nebb’s wooden bridge in the east of the village. Show it to him and you’ll receive 20 rupees!

The Traveler’s Sword is an easy weapon to obtain, yet it boasts some impressive stats that could prove useful. This weapon would be ideal for those struggling with strength or who haven’t reached the point where they can equip their strongest weapon yet.

There are numerous ways to obtain a Traveler’s Sword in Breath of the Wild, but it’s best to do some research beforehand and select the right weapon for you. Our guide on all Traveler’s Swords in Breath of the Wild provides full details on their properties as well as where to find them.

These swords are quite common in Hyrule Field and you may see enemies using them during battle as well. Zora Domain and the Lost Woods both boast an abundance of these weapons.

If you travel frequently, thermal undergarments can be incredibly helpful. Warm Doublet armor and cloaks in particular offer extra warmth when worn over other armor pieces.

These pieces of equipment are great to have in your inventory when hunting down certain monsters, like spiders and lizards. While they have low defense, their set bonus adds “Stealth Up” to all pieces for added stealthiness.

You may find them on the Great Plateau as well, if you can locate Old Man and complete his special recipe.