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Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates

RR Reno, editor of Christian magazine, has been avoiding Ivy League students for a while. He claims that these graduates are too self-important and woke. This study, published this week in the Wall Street Journal, explains why Reno decided to stop hiring Ivy League graduates. Read the article to learn more about Reno’s beliefs. Before we get into the details of the study, let’s discuss why Ivy League graduates should not be hired in your company.

Ivy League graduates lack the motivation to succeed. If you think you are able to hire a recent Ivy League grad, don’t be surprised when he complains about quality of work. Recent grads don’t feel motivated by the job and are not suitable for the job. In addition, they lack role models and have trouble motivating other employees, which is why I stopped hiring Ivy League graduates.

Once, a Ivy League education guaranteed a lucrative job upon graduation. But today, many business owners are disillusioned with these woke, entitled graduates. R.R. Reno, the editor of First Things, he stopped hiring Ivy League graduates for his company. What do you think? Why did Reno stop hiring Ivy League graduates?