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Cath Lab Travel Nurse

Cath Lab Travel RN

Cath lab travel nurses are highly specialized nurses that assist patients during cardiac catheterizations and other diagnostic procedures and interventions. Their job requires performing various duties ranging from assisting physicians during procedures to administering medications as necessary and keeping records for each procedure performed. It requires high levels of communication and attention to detail for success in this position.

Nurses looking to break into cath lab travel nursing have an easy path ahead. You can easily find positions across the country with generous pay packages that include tax-advantaged bonuses as well as housing and travel allowances.

Demand for Cath Lab Travel Nurses Is Surging

Cardiovascular disease has become an increasing health threat in the U.S., with estimates by the National Institutes of Health showing over one million catheterization procedures performed each year – this trend will likely continue over time and therefore increase demand for qualified cath lab nurses.

Nurses pursuing this specialty field require extensive nursing experience and knowledge of this specific specialty area, in addition to certification in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certifications and an RN degree.

Before applying for a Cath Lab Travel RN career, it’s advisable to speak to a recruiter and learn the job requirements in detail. This can help you to decide whether the position suits you. Furthermore, shadowing another cath lab travel nurse is an effective way of experiencing how it feels to work in this speciality.

Once you’ve made up your mind that cath lab travel nursing is what speaks to you, the next step should be securing employment at one of many hospitals offering cath lab travel nurse positions. With so many hospitals to choose from, it’s essential that one fits with your personality and preferences well.

Cath Lab Travel Nurse Requirements

Cath lab travel nurses require an RN degree, a passion for cardiac care, and experience working in cardiac catheterization labs or critical care units as minimum criteria. Hospitals prefer candidates with previous work in these environments over candidates who lack previous relevant experience.

An American Mobile recruiter can guide you through the application process, ensure your license is current, provide housing options and expenses and more! Don’t wait any longer: become a cath lab travel nurse now and you could make up to $2300 weekly!

Cath laboratory travel nursing offers healthcare professionals who seek an exciting and flexible career a great opportunity. Travel nursing lets them share their skillset and expertise with facilities across the nation that need their services most, while helping avoid burnout while adding value with every assignment they perform.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, demand for cath lab travel nurses has seen an unprecedented spike. Due to an acute shortage of experienced cath lab nursing professionals nationwide, hospitals now face greater urgency in filling these roles with talented and highly-skilled individuals capable of providing top quality care.