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Angry Birds Tower Of Fortune Trick

Angry Birds Tower of Fortune Tricks

One of the best strategies to unlock rare gems in Angry Birds Tower of Fortune is to use the gems to upgrade your bird’s ability. The higher the ability level, the more powerful your bird is. You should try to avoid overplaying your towers and use your abilities wisely. In addition, you should always try to hit the strike and take a break to recharge your energy.

This trick works even if your bird has no hats. The hats you earn increase in value as you progress through the levels. In addition, they provide extra benefits for your birds. Collecting all hats from the same set will update your bird’s equipment and boost your points. You can also buy cheaper sets of hats to improve your bird’s abilities.

You can also use the hats to improve your bird’s slingshot level. To do this, click on a bird and select one of the hats that is displayed on the left side. Each hat has a number next to it, which represents the strength of the hat. Getting complete sets will raise your bird’s slingshot level, and more complete sets mean a higher level. Hats can be found in chests or purchased using black pearls from the hat store found in the upper left home screen.

Fortunately, this trick also works with other Angry Birds games. Although the main reason for using this trick is to get more ice, you can also use the ice towers to smash buildings. If you can’t use the ice towers, you can try using the bomb. This is the most powerful bird against stone and has the ability to shatter four blocks before blowing up. The explosion of the bomb also destroys most materials within a short blast radius.

Another trick to unlock a higher level in Angry Birds 2 is to set the clock forward. By doing this, you’ll be able to unlock items for harder levels. To do this, just stop the game and then go to the Settings menu. Select the day you wish to unlock. This can increase your score by a few hours or even a full day.