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Naruto And Tsunade Time Travel Fanfiction

Naruto and Tsunade Time Travel Fanfiction

Fictions often feature one or more characters traveling either backward or forward in time, exploring their attempts to avoid canon’s tragedies and their successes (or lack thereof) along the way.

Though I’m not particularly fond of this genre, it can be an enjoyable way to get to know characters’ personalities without having to focus on fight scenes (although some actual fights can be pretty cool!). It tends to be highly character-driven and well written, so I suggest giving it a shot!

Tsunade Time Travel Fanfiction

Tsunade takes Tsunade back to Sasuke’s first training trip, where she gets to witness his growth and transformation since that fateful day. Additionally, Tsunade gets the unique opportunity of befriending Naruto – who was an entirely stranger when she first encountered him.

Characterisation, worldbuilding and pacing are superb in this fic! It’s also entertaining to read with plenty of humorous moments sprinkled throughout. The author did an admirable job balancing humor with action scenes – making this an enjoyable read that you won’t want to end!

The Chessmaster: Aiko

Tsunade was raised with chess in her blood, and it shows. As a kunoichi she has an adeptness at strategy as well as fighting skills which allow her to employ various tactics against enemies. She used lightning jutsu against Zabuza and even invoked Naruto’s Roaring Rampage of Revenge on Gaara for good measure! Additionally, Tsunade is adept at politics too – she actively helps Tsunade win her fight with Jiraiya.

Combat Pragmatist: Tsunade is a true pragmatist at heart, and she’s very adept at using her genjutsu in creative ways to beat up opponents! Her speed and shock tactics were enough to take down an army of 8 Cloud jonin quickly. Additionally, Tsunade possesses Sharingan genjutsu which she uses expertly when defending herself from attacks.

She’s also a bit of a dreamer, so she often dreams up innovative ways to beat up her opponents. Additionally, she’s adept at deciphering what others are up to and often can determine why they do what they do.

She lost both of her parents when she was very young, and it has left her deeply traumatised. Not knowing how to cope with this loss, it was initially difficult for her to connect with Sasuke and Kakashi.

Once she gets to know them better, however, she discovers they’re much like her parents: not always what they seem and having their good and bad days. She learns to respect everyone’s differences and appreciate how unique everyone is – plus, she finds strength in knowing they’re all very strong and capable ninjas!

Tsunade’s time travel is captivating and her characterisation as an intelligent, mature ninja is superbly done. I especially enjoyed how she uses her genjutsu in creative and unique ways, along with all of the political maneuvering and fight scenes. Overall, this was a very entertaining fic that I’d definitely want to read more of!