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Research Assistant Professor Salary

University of Michigan Research Assistant Professor Salary

University of Michigan

Despite the headline, the University of Michigan research assistant professor salary is not equal to other schools. U-M is considered one of the premier universities in the United States, and therefore has the responsibility of competing with schools like Stanford, UNC, Berkley, and Purdue.

According to Salary Disclosure Reports, the University of Michigan has been making pay raises for its faculty and administrators since 2000. This year, administrators averaged a 2.7 percent merit raise. Among faculty, the average salary increase was 2.8 percent.

The University of Michigan faculty includes Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Academy members, and National Academy of Sciences members. While the University of Michigan does not pay faculty the same amount as other schools, it does pay above the national average.

For example, U-M full professors earn $148,800 per academic year, in the 87th percentile of doctoral universities nationwide. Full professors typically have to complete seven years of service to earn tenure, and they must compete with salaries in private industries.

There is also a gender pay gap. Female assistant professors at U-M earn $6,100 less than male counterparts. The U-M salary differential is equal to 10.4 percent of the national average.

The University of Michigan faculty includes several former presidents and secretary of state, including Madeleine K. Albright, who served as United States Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001. Also, several past presidents have become presidents of Ivy League universities.

In addition, the University of Michigan has several notable alumni. For example, Philip DeVries is a 1962 alumnus, and Steven Goodman is a conservation biologist at the Field Museum of Natural History.

While many U-M professors earn full 12-month salaries, many also work during the summer. In fact, the U-M faculty has earned an average of $769 in pay raises over the past year.

There is an argument that the UM faculty salary has been artificially inflated by the federal government’s student loan program. U-M Provost Phil Hanlon says that keeping salaries at par with peer institutions is critical to remaining competitive.

University of Houston

Located in the fourth largest city in the U.S., the University of Houston is a Carnegie-designated Tier One public research institution. Known for its diversity, the university enrolls more than 60,000 students and employs 344 full-time faculty members.

The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution. The University encourages applicants from diverse racial and ethnic groups, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans. In addition, it prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

The University of Houston’s faculty handbook includes information about sabbatical leave, faculty development, and research policy. The University is also committed to diversity and has been named a top 10 media market. It also requires applicants to have five or more years of relevant work experience.

The University of Houston’s Faculty Salary Plan is designed to provide competitive salaries for its faculty. It aims to attract a talented and highly motivated workforce. It also recognizes that legitimate salary differences exist in the market due to individual performance. It is also a race and gender neutral salary plan.

The Faculty Salary Plan is the result of a systematic approach to faculty compensation that was first implemented in 1996. It incorporates market forces and a measurable salary target for each faculty position. The plan is based on an empirical model that identifies the most likely salary level for each position. Its key purpose is to encourage a diverse workforce to perform well.

The University of Houston faculty handbook also includes information about how to apply for a faculty position. Applicants should submit their official transcripts when they are selected as a final candidate. The University also requires a criminal history check prior to hire. The Faculty Manual also describes policies and procedures for performance evaluation.

The Faculty Salary Plan is a work in progress. It will be refined in the future as new data becomes available. It is also based on a value-centered approach that takes into account the various salary levels within a discipline’s market. It is also an empirically based model that is designed to be a sustainable system.