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Every Now And Then Come And Take My Hand

Every Now and Then Come And Take My Hand

Akon and Michael Jackson sing ‘Every Now and Again, Come and Take My Hand’ from their album Thriller. This is Michael Jackson’s first posthumous album. Recorded in 2007, it became an international top 10 hit in many nations. Michael Jackson’s voice is recognizable throughout the song. The lyrics are a tribute to the late singer’s legendary passion for performing.

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand is a Michael Jackson and Akon song. It was featured on Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, Thriller, and was recorded by the duo in 2007. It reached the top 10 in many nations. Although many artists were influenced, Jackson’s performance is still a powerful one. People all over the globe love the song. However, it may not be as well-known as other Jackson songs.

Every Little Lie You Tell So You Can Hide

Every Little Lie is a psychological thriller. Anna and Seb are a typical family, devoted to one another and protective of their young daughter Evie. Seb initially dismisses the threats but becomes more concerned when they get personal. Anna is not the only one feeling betrayed. Betrayal, infidelity, and a relationship that’s ended badly are all part of the story.